Web App Developer


Here’s an employment opportunity that would let you join and grow within a people-aligned, customer-focussed industry.

We are a growing Bacolod based BPO that specialise in Administration, Sales & Support, Marketing and Web Development.

You will be supported by a great working environment, leading benefits, and an opportunity to meet your career goals. You will be able to apply your focus and innovative thinking to this role. This is an opportunity to grow your career quickly.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Development of new projects within a devsite and live environment
  • Ongoing monitoring of project timelines and deadlines
  • Creation of timelines and declines based on individual projects
  • Administration and development of web apps using PHP foundational coding

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • XML, PHP, JSON, AJAX Javascript and MY SQL Experience
  • Advanced knowledge in implementation of PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge in FTP and SFTP server administration
  • Knowledge in SQL and database optimisation
  • Preferably with knowledge in ASP and VB, but not required