We understand that Virtual Assistance is a fairly new concept for a lot of people and they naturally would want to know what they’re getting into first before they jump in. This is the reason why we decided to put this information together – to let interested applicants get an understanding of whether or not this is the kind of work they want to do and if Pathcutters Phils. Inc. is the kind of team they want to be a part of.

Are You A Call Center?

What Accounts Do You Hold?

Do You Offer Competitive Rates?

What Countries Do You Work With?

Do You Offer Work From Home?

Are You A Legitimate Business?

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Sick Leave Credits

Vacation Leaves

What’s Your Vacation Leave Process?

Yearly Appraisals or Rate Increase

Applying For A Job Online

Do You Have A Dress Code?

Employment Benefits & Eligibility

Do You Get Paid On Legal Holidays?

Do You Have Work During Legal Holidays?

Is Your Job Stable?

Performance Review Process

What Is Your Break Policy?

Workstations For Each Employee

Do You Offer Night Shift Work?

Employee Feedback And Suggestions

Walk-In Applications