We understand that Virtual Assistance is a fairly new concept for a lot of people and they naturally would want to know what they’re getting into first before they jump in. This is the reason why we decided to put this information together – to let interested applicants get an understanding of whether or not this is the kind of work they want to do and if Pathcutters Philippines is the kind of team they want to be a part of.

What is a Remote Executive Assistant (REA)?

A Remote Executive Assistant or Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional whom businesses overseas outsource business support services to. These include online marketing, social media, technical / customer support and administrative tasks.

How does a Remote Executive Assistant work?

An REA acts as support staff to business owners, allowing the latter to focus on growing their businesses.

Who are Pathcutters Phils. Inc.?

Pathcutters Phils. Inc. is a subsidiary of Online Specialists Pty Ltd, an online marketing and outsourcing company based in Brisbane, Australia. Online Specialists have been in business for almost 10 years and have clients all over the globe, with teams in Australia, India, Manila and Bacolod. Learn more about us here.

How long have you been in outsourcing?

We have been growing our team in Bacolod City for the past year but we have been outsourcing for the last 4 years using a variety of services, including oDesk and have accumulated over 85,000 hours of outsourcing experience employing over 300 people across a number of countries.

What are you looking for?

We are looking for motivated, passionate and driven individuals who have good work ethic, keen attention to detail and reliable, with the ability to learn new things quickly, work under a reasonable amount of pressure, troubleshoot issues, work with technology and proven proficiency in spoken and written English. Learn more about job opportunities here.

What are expected of me if I became part of the team?

We expect our team to:

  • Treat the job like any other office job
  • Show up on time and complete your hours
  • Exercise common sense and initiative
  • Communication and transparency with your client and team
  • Keep us and the client in the loop at all times
  • Be professional and respectful towards the client and the team

Why choose Pathcutters Phils. Inc.?

  • Day shift + competitive compensation
  • Health insurance, paid days off, 13th month pay, and other benefits
  • Job security without the stress associated with working in a call center
  • You become a valued member of the team and the company you work for
  • Opportunity for advancement as the team grows
  • Professional and friendly environment
  • We screen clients and REAs to find the best match for each
  • We are always adding quality people to our team
  • On-going training on some very cool stuff
  • Continue to up-skill our team

What are some of the tasks

Some of the tasks being performed by REAs include:

  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Running Facebook ads
  • Setting up Mailchimp / Aweber
  • SEO – internal linking, reverse engineering
  • Contacts management
  • Website management – installing WordPress, themes, plugins, adding content, creating micro-sites
  • Graphic design, video creation
  • Domain and server administration
  •  Project management

Do I need experience in these tasks?

Experience in the field would be a plus but most of our team have no experience as an REA before joining the team. Lack of experience is not a factor in determining your qualification.

Will there be training?

Yes! Training is paid and ongoing.