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Top 3 Things to Do to Stay Healthy While Working on Your Desk

Staying healthy can be difficult in the best circumstances and it can be especially challenging if you work on a desk job for six or more hours a day. Studies have reported that sitting too much is the new smoking – hence, increasing the probability of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In today’s fast paced- […]

Tips on How to Prepare for Job Fairs

The popularity of Job Fair’s have increased over the past decade, with job fairs held almost every month in different localities and even malls across the country. These days – more and more job seekers are turning into job fairs hoping to land their dream jobs. Many companies also take advantage of these events as […]

Steps to Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant is a great work opportunity and it is something many people want to do. If you have skills that can turn into Virtual Assistant services, and you think you have the passion to help clients grow their business online using today’s technology to deliver your services globally, then join the BPO revolution.