For over a year with Pathcutters, Cath has proved that she is indeed a Rockstar VA! From working for her client by herself to now heading an amazing team of VAs, we can definitely say that that takes some hard work and dedication!

“We’re different than a typical BPO. Every one of you gets to work closely with your clients. This in itself is different than the current norm and why we are CUTTING A NEW PATH and way of doing business. If you take the word rockstar and break it into 2 words you get ROCK and STAR.

This person has been the ‘rock’ for their client and and a star for those around them. They have helped our business grow into areas that we have not yet grown in and have helped us to establish ourselves in a country (New Zealand) we are planning on experiencing great growth in 2020. How these rockstars handle themselves at work is second to none, and they really do embody what it means to be a Path Cutter!”

David Judge
CEO, Pathcutters Affordable Staff