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Our team members share why they like working with us here at Pathcutters Affordable Staff.

Terms & Conditions

Referral Process

    1. Fill out the Pathcutters Refer-a-Friend Form.
    2. Advise referral to visit the Jobs Opportunities page on the Pathcutters website and complete the Pathcutters Application Form.
    3. IMPORTANT: Make sure your referral indicates your name and contact information on the Application Form.

The name indicated by the applicant as their referrer on the application form shall be the valid recipient of the incentive.

    1. Complete the Pathcutters Refer-a-Friend Incentive Claim Form.
    2. The first 50% of the cash incentive shall be paid after the successful applicant has signed his/her contract.
    3. The remaining 50% shall be paid after the successful applicant has completed his/her probationary period.
    4. HR will coordinate the date and time of release of each payment.