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Work Life Balance
Weekends Off
Competitive Rates & Benefits
Opportunity to Develop & Advance

Our team members share why they like working with us here at Pathcutters Affordable Staff.

Terms & Conditions


Application date and training start date should be within the promotional period.


Complete the Pathcutters Signing Bonus Claim Form.

Schedule of Payouts

This incentive shall be paid in two installments as follows:

  • The first 50% of the cash incentive shall be included as part of your first payroll (5th or 20th of the month)
  • The remaining 50% shall be included in the payroll (5th or 20th of the month) covering the pay period within which your regularization date falls

In the event that you are separated from the company for whatever reason prior to the scheduled payment, the remaining balance of the bonus will be forfeited.

Thank you and Welcome to Pathcutters Phils. Inc. family!